Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer special leases due to COVID-19? *NEW*

We now offer short term leases for 3-4 months. Our hope is that when you return in Jan/Feb that you will extend your lease at 416 S. for the Winter/Spring term. At a minimum your lease for Fall semester can end on Nov 31st.

We are also offering 9 to 12 month leases, with the option to be released from your lease on Dec 1st if your university decides to cancel in-person instruction for Spring.

What guidelines do you have for COVID-19? *NEW*

All students must follow the 14-day quarantine rules for New York State when arriving from Restricted states. Plan this into your schedule. Additionally, Cornell and Ithaca Colllege may require some on-campus testing prior to starting classes.

Cornell University
Cornell University is doing a rolling, staggered return to campus to spread out the impact and allow for safe testing.
Fall 2020: Staggered return starts Aug 24, Full return Sept 2, Remote from Nov 25-Dec 15
Spring 2021: Staggered return starts Jan 5, Full return Feb 9, Finals on May 23-28th

Ithaca College
Ithaca College will be fully online in the Fall. Spring to be decided.
Fall 2020: Online only.
Spring 2021: To be decided. Staggered return starts Jan 25, Full return Feb 8, Finals May 11-14th
* Visit the links above for complete instructions to students.
Off-campus students should plan to acquire housing in July and August.

What Leases do you offer?

We offer the following types of leases:
– Short Term leases – See above terms related to Covid-19
– Individual Full year – 10-12 months. Most common lease. Running from August or Sept to the following summer.
– Individual Summer lease – 2 or 3 months. Starting in June or July and ending in August. Based on availability.
– Group lease – Lease a full 3x bedroom unit together with friends. 10 month minimum lease. Starting in April or May.

What if don’t need to start my lease until later in the month?

We can pro-rate your first month on a half-month boundary. For example, if you plan to arrive Aug 18th, we can start your lease on either Aug 15th or Aug 31st as you like.

What if I arrive just one or two days early or late?

If the room you reserved is empty before hand then we are somewhat flexible with your actual move-in date. Just let us know and we will plan accordingly.

What is required to secure a room?

We require a signed lease with payment of first months rent and security deposit to save a room.

Can I pay only security deposit to save a room?

We require first month rent and security deposit, with a signed lease, to secure a room. This is because the majority of our renters come in summer/fall and we cannot save a room unless you are sure that you want it.

Do you allow smoking?

This house is strictly non-smoking, including no vaping.
We have some tenants that are especially sensitive to smoke.

Do you allow pets?

No dogs, cats or birds.
Small caged pets are allowed (gerbils, rabbits, mice). Fish bowls are allowed. Potted plants are allowed.

Do you have off street parking?

We have two off street parking spaces available for an additional $50/month each.
These are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Is this co-ed living?

We have generally found that women are taking 2nd fl. rooms and men are in 1st fl. rooms, as is currently the case. This is mostly by tradition and by accommodating preferences. However, both floors are technically co-ed and you may find men or women as flatmates.

Do you have on-site laundry facilities?

Yes. All tenants have access to free shared washer and dryer located in the building.

What utilities are included?

Tenants pay for electricity and heating, divided among the renters in your unit.
We will send out individual utility bills to each renter. Energy utilities average $30/mo in summer, and up to $120/mo in winter.
We pay for water, internet and free washer & dryer, all included in your rent.

Which days are trash and recycling?

Trash should be placed on the curb every Wednesday evening, for an early 5am Thursday pickup. Recycling is every other week on the same night. To determine the recycling nights, you can enter 416 S. Aurora on this website:
Ithaca, Find my Recycling Day
For details on how to package and put out the trash, please refer to our guide:
How Ithaca Trash Works

How do the smoke alarms work?

Our smoke alarms are battery operated, and interconnected.
Please see our guide:
Smoke Alarms and Fire
which should be posted in each unit.